Five advantages of Instagram for business owners

It is virtually impossible to find a business, no matter how small, without a Facebook account, Twitter account, or both. Social networking accounts have become necessities for all types of companies. Despite the benefit of having accounts on Facebook and Twitter, businesses should not overlook the benefits of Instagram. The following are some of the benefits of Instagram for business owners.

Allowing customers to ‘window shop’

As you very well know, Instagram is all about photos. Your popularity on Instagram increases as you post more photos. Some time back, people started to go shopping online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores. One of the things that people love about online shopping is the ability to see products without going out of the house. Instagram is quickly becoming a preferred way to window shop. People following a business can be treated to photos of the latest collection from their favorite brands on Instagram. Business owners can make photos even more popular if they buy Instagram followers and use them to bump up the popularity of the photos.

Increase website traffic

You have the ability to add captions to photos posted on Instagram. In these captions, you can include links to where interested people can actually buy the products pictured. Instagram therefore enables business owners to increase the number of people visiting their site. A number of these visits turn into sales hence increasing profits for the business. By buying Instagram followers, you make your profile more convincing and make more people to readily open links on your captions.

Promote direct customer participatio

Companies on Instagram can increase participation by customers. For instance, Virgin America encourages their customers to upload personal photos on Instagram to allow the company to follow customers through their trip. The company goes a step further to add photos posted by customers on its own page which gives the customers some free publicity. Any business can start such an initiative in order to make customers feel appreciated. The company can buy Instagram followers to make photos popular and attract even more likes and followers.

Take customers on a trip behind the scenes

This is a technique that has been perfected by movie producers and versions of it are starting to show up on other forms of media. On Instagram, for example, you can post photos of your business to show customers something they have never known about the business and how it operates. Such a move gives customers a feeling of exclusivity and makes them more satisfied with the company’s products and services.

Provides a chance to go viral

Similar to the way videos on YouTube can go viral, photos can also go viral on Instagram. In fact, you can upload both photos and videos on Instagram giving you more items to present to your followers. There is a chance that some of your photos and videos will gain a lot of popularity.

The best way to make your photos popular is to buy Instagram followers. It is an affordable option that gives you numerous followers within a short time. It is also very easy to compare sellers and see which seller has the best offers. When you buy Instagram likes, you can give your uploads a fighting chance in the highly competitive Instagram universe.

Can social media really make us smarter ?

The average American teen uses his/her cellphone 60 times each day spending a total of 7.5 hours online. Such figures are terrifying for parents especially since they don’t know who their kids are interacting with online. Despite the fear-inducing numbers, there are many good things that come out of tech-saturated lives. The more time people spend online, the more they consume new information and interact with diverse people whom they would otherwise never meet offline.

According to a new study, social media can make people unhappy and mean but it also makes them more intelligent. Other research suggests that social media can give us better verbal communication skills, critical thinking skills, and research skills.

Andrea Lunsford, a professor at Stanford, compiled 877 composition papers written by freshmen between 1917 and 2006. He studied the papers to see how composition writing has changed in the past century and came to an interesting conclusion. People think that social media causes people to use many unnecessary abbreviations, poor grammar and a lazy prose. However, Lunsford said that the amount of errors in compositions has not changed at all over the past century or so. In fact, she discovered that compositions written in 2006 were more thoroughly researched than those written in 1917. The 2006 compositions were also six times longer! According to Lunsford, today’s students tackle problems that require more research as well as critical thinking.

You might say that the education system has improved over the past century and could be the reason for her findings. True as that may be, social media has an undeniable effect on young people that could cause them to do better in school. For instance, young people write a lot more out of school than they did a century ago. It doesn’t really matter what they are writing because practice makes perfect. Young people do a lot of extracurricular composition when drafting emails, tweets, comments, text messages, photo captions, participating in online discussions, and many more.

Some people might dismiss this rationale and say that quality of writing is not influenced by participation in social media . However, with sites like Twitter which limit characters for posts, people learn to be economical with language and to make every word count. The sheer number of online interactions that people engage in also forces them to find ways of putting their messages across without wasting any time or words.

The connectedness of ‘digital natives’ also gives them a greater sense of purpose whenever they go online. When people find out that their audience online is responsive and engaged, it fuels their desire to keep the good stuff coming. This enthusiasm is transferred to their lives offline and makes them more productive than ever.

When a student is writing a paper for school, he/she doesn’t care much because, after all, the teacher is paid to read the work and, as far as the student is concerned; the paper is just another grade. However when students go online and find an authentic audience, they are compelled to throw themselves into their work to keep their audience engaged and interested.